Maxine Ashford

Maxine has more than 35 years’ experience in journalism and has been specialising in motoring for the last 23 years. It gives her the chance to drive all the new models both here in the UK and overseas, as well as interviewing the specialists and engineers behind the very latest innovative technology. Maxine has written […]

Andy Russell

Andy Russell has been writing about cars, bikes and motoring for more than 30 years. After becoming group motoring editor of a large regional media organisation, he took the freelance route. He has driven more than 2,000 cars. He now creates bespoke web content, media publicity and digital newsletters for motor dealers and an award-winning independent specialist […]

Phil Huff

Phil Huff has ridden the wave of new car launches for the last 10 years, providing reviews to national and regional newspapers, magazines and websites, along with other automotive content. While that continues, he’s now embracing the LCV world and publishing Professional Van and Professional Pickup, as well as supplying LCV content to clients. His wife, […]

Chris Rees

Chris Rees has been writing about cars for 40 years, contributing to newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as authoring more than 20 car books. He is currently a freelance writer and editor, editing Auto Italia magazine, the world’s leading title about Italian cars, and is Motors Editor of The Official Ferrari Magazine (TOFM). Currently secretary […]

David Ward

Founder of the Southern Group of Motoring Writers and currently the vice-chairman, David Ward continues to write daily on all motoring matters for the Northcliffe UK Media Group and for its parent, Associated Newspapers with its worldwide syndication system which involves editorial coverage of new car releases, road tests, industry background research and current technology […]

Tom Scanlan

Tom’s first foray into motoring journalism was as producer of a weekly radio programme for the British Forces Broadcasting Service. That was in 1973. Tom has been freelance since 1993, having returned to the UK after service in Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong and the Falkland Islands. He was the motoring writer for the Reading Evening […]

David Wilkins

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Ben Hodges

Ben is Car Manager at Hutch Games, where he curates the 4,000+ car collection for the Top Drives mobile title. He is also a freelance automotive writer, having spent three years as the deputy web editor of Carbuyer along with his freelance commitments. He specialises in car reviews, best lists, advice, and news articles. He […]

Neil Winton

I write about the automotive industry as well as the cars, mainly electric ones. I publish my own website – I’m a Senior Contributor at Forbes. Current hobbyhorses –  When will we see the first truly affordable electric car? Why does the industry insist on making electric cars as capable as ICE ones when this […]

Seán Ward

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