Neil Winton

I write about the automotive industry as well as the cars, mainly electric ones. I publish my own website – I’m a Senior Contributor at Forbes.

Current hobbyhorses – 

  • When will we see the first truly affordable electric car?
  • Why does the industry insist on making electric cars as capable as ICE ones when this is impossible and makes them unaffordable? Cheap, short-range city electric cars please.
  • If governments trash petrol and diesel cars before affordable electric ones appear, what happens to Europe’s auto makers and auto buyers?
  • WLTP battery range claims never match real-world usage; does anyone care or even notice?
  • Fast-lane electric car range is poor at best and sometimes awful; does anyone care or even notice

I wrote the European Perspective column for the Detroit News’ Autos Insider for eight years. I worked for Reuters for 33 years in London, New York (2), Brussels and Toronto, and was sub-editor, reporter, chief-sub, and Equities News Editor. My best jobs were Science and Technology Correspondent, and European Auto Correspondent.

I like to think my best skill is explaining complicated concepts to the general reader. I left school at 16 but studied A levels at night-school and graduated with a Politics (BA Hons) degree from Leicester University aged 25.

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