Ian Robertson

His passion for cars was apparent from an early age and it was inevitable that he would end up working with them. He spent his teenage years trawling car showrooms and building the encyclopaedic knowledge he has today. He has worked on Diesel&EcoCar magazine since 2007 and holds the accolade for longest running editor. He purchased the title in early 2014 and has steadily grown it ever since. In 2020, he launched Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine with some industry colleagues, a title that specialises in cars from the 1970s, 80,s 90s and noughties. The response to it has been phenomenal. Aside from being a motoring mogul (as named by Sue Baker), he’s a car statistics nut and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the motor industry.

Ian joined the Southern Group of Motoring Writers in 2009, became publicity officer in 2011 and was elected as Secretary in 2012. He took over as Chairman of the group in 2017 and is extremely proud to lead what is the largest and most active motoring writers group in the country.

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I rather fancy something like a Peugeot 405 Mi16

Motoring film

Gung Ho – it’s full of Fiat Regatas!

motoring book

How to be a motoring journalist, by Roy Lanchester

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