Richard Gooding

A graphic designer by trade – I do still keep my hand in – I transitioned to writing about cars professionally in 2012, after writing pieces for various Volkswagen club and consumer titles from the early 1990s. An ardent and passionate fan of most things Volkswagen, I used to hanker after a Beetle when I was growing up. I never did get one, but following the inheritance of a 1978 Polo, my course for the next 30 years was set…

Concentrating on electric, hybrid and other low-carbon transport before it became fashionable, I contribute road tests to GreenFleet and Commercial GreenFleet magazines, as well as technology-led pieces to Automotive Testing Technology International, Autovolt, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International; Engine + Powertrain Technology International, Global Wheel Report and Tire Testing Technology International titles. Corporate clients also provide new areas of expertise.

As well as emerging technologies, I also write about old ones. A knowledge of classic (and modern classic) cars – particularly Porsches – has seen me write for specialist GT Porsche, Japanese Performance, Mercedes Driver and VWG magazines in addition to authoring my first book, Porsche 914 – An Enthusiast’s Guide.

Articles appearing in Professional Motorsport World and Racecar Engineering have highlighted my keen interest in motorsport, and as well as cars, I’m one of the few automotive writers who also covers commercial vehicles. The sheer breadth and wide-ranging areas of the industry – and the people within it – fascinate me, and it’s a privilege to tell their stories. 

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Volkswagen Polo (yes, I know, not the most obvious!)

Motoring film

Herbie Goes to Monte-Carlo

motoring book

Von Null auf Weltmeister (From nought to World Champion – Volkswagen’s journey to winning the WRC title)

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