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Having written for The Citroen Car Club and Club Peugeot UK for what really is 2 decades ago and having my first paid pieces in Jalopy magazine in 1995, It was only in 2016 that I started to take this seriously. I was offered the job at The Gay UK after good friend from the middle earth, Alan Taylor-Jones left to persue a full-time career as a muttering rotter at Haymarket. So I took the job. Get a new car for a week and write some words about it. Easy-peasy I thought. Turns out it’s more difficult than that. 

In the 5 years I was at TGUK, I’d managed to build up a good raptor with some manufactures and other journalists. They know who they are and I am internally grateful for their trust. It was and is all still quite fun. However COVID somewhat killed us at TGUK and editor Jake going to new projects, I took the plunge and with the help of a friend, we made a website. 

Here you will find a lot of my previous work from the TGUK days. Unfortunately I can’t backdate the dates so old stuff will show up as 2021. First new piece under ‘Driven It’ was the Toyota Proace camper van. The first UK review I might add.

So what am I looking for? It varies really. I can’t say I can pigeonhole myself if it has 4 wheels. Cars or vans and I’m liking it. Same with new and old. Old comes with more freedoms of fun because I’m not having to be quite so serious. Bikes however I’m no good at. I don’t have the legs for skin tight leather and I don’t have the looks of Michael, the cool rider in Grease 2.

The current Birdy Fleet of Broken Dreams consists of a VW camper van, Beetle, Fiat X1/9, old Berlingo and a Mk2 Golf and Seat Terra van that will one day be sold to help fund the Beetle project.

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The Italian Job. OTT camp romcom. What’s not to like?

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Knight Rider Legacy. The unofficial guide to Knight Rider (Total geekiest overload)

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